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System creator which contributes towards environmental reformation and labor saving in plants.

Strengths of Arrowtechno
Shanghai Office
Tangshan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China, Lane 1188 No. 15-203
Tel: 86-21-35013958
Fax: 86-21-33817303
Zip Code: 200092
Arrow techno Co., Ltd.
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan Shibuya 3-chome 17, No. 1 Fan
Phone: 81-03-54660381
Fax: 81-03-54660385
It is necessary to choose an excellent manufacturer to get the satisfactory equipment installed.
Arrow Techno has a proven experience of high product potential and many prestigious companies have taken advantage of the same. 
We take care about the performance of equipments as well the suggestions and after sales services on complete utilities suitable for customer’s environment. Please ensure to contact us in case you have any inconvenience regarding product selection and post-installation maintenance handling.
Product strength x Actual
Our strength is our high product potential than anything else.
This performance is also reflected in numerical values, and our achievements have been appreciated by major national manufacturers.
Moreover, even the products of other follower competitors have also been seen which imitates our technology.
Is this not a supporting factor that our products and concepts are excellent? The products being developed by combining the technologies based on idea of repeated inventiveness to improve the plant environment in Japan, have won accolades from many customers.
As a pioneer in the industry, we shall continue offering the high quality/ performance and best convenient products in future also.
Collective proposal strength x After sales services
A plant consists of a lot of equipments. Have not you experienced when somewhere some problem occurred and you could not get any solution though lot of inquiries were being made to the vendor?
Which equipment manufacturers/ sales shop are unwilling to admit that their product is the cause of problem? The responsibility is being held on each other in some cases.
In addition, making inquiries with multiple manufactures and sales shop about various equipments while installation is greatly a time and effort consuming job.
However, if you consult our company regarding the plant environment/ automation area, we will coordinate with all relevant systems of that particular area. We take less time and effort to install equipments, and shall be responsible to deal with the same when any problem arises. We also work to provide education to resources as well for that purpose. Please feel free to consult us.

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