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System creator which contributes towards environmental reformation and labor saving in plants.

Company Overview
Company Information
Shanghai Office
Tangshan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China, Lane 1188 No. 15-203
Tel: 86-21-35013958
Fax: 86-21-33817303
Zip Code: 200092
Arrow techno Co., Ltd.
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan Shibuya 3-chome 17, No. 1 Fan
Phone: 81-03-54660381
Fax: 81-03-54660385
Arrow Techno is established as a system creator for chips conveyance, crushing, de-oiling, recovery, processor and centralized coolant device generated by machine cutting for general industrial machineries, automobile industries and steel manufacturers; and, we have played a pioneering initiative in the industry based on our over 30 years of experience and our numerous achievements. The products introduced on this site are innovative and function-focused new advanced machines which have been developed by bringing together our all engineering capabilities.
Therefore, in order to meet your needs, we as a comprehensive plant manufacturer offer all equipments under our brand to constitute a system.
The environmental protection along with labor saving automation is listed as the biggest theme today. The motto of this theme is to ensure to meet diverse needs of the society and we will do our best to put further efforts to meet the same.
Company Name Arrow Techno co.,Ltd.

Arrow Techno Ltd., Japan

Head Office
〒150-0002 Tokyo Shibuya-ku Shibuya 3-17-1
TEL:03(5466)0381 FAX:03(5466)0385
Saitama Plant
〒355-0155 Saitama-ken Hiki-gun Yoshimi-cho Kita-Yoshimi 2486
TEL:0493(54)1265 FAX:0493(54)1266

Foundation year March, 1967
Establishment year July, 1977
Executive Director President Yasumoto Okada
Capital 12 Million Yen
Description of business Chip conveyor systems, crushers, centrifugal separators and future prospects related to design and manufacturing operations of the centralized chip processing system so that various industries may contribute towards labor saving considering the same as an objective.

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