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Do you want extraction of chips to be automated, or have a concern of plant environment but there is no space to install the conveyor? The super-pipe conveyor solves such problems. The Super pipe conveyor is a three-dimensional piping type conveyor and the primary objective is to carry small pieces of chips. Besides chips, it is best in carrying industrial waste and garbage. Certainly it can be used in multi-functioning. The pipes of various shapes like curves, right angle, and U-turns can be combined together. This can be installed in existing plants and machines regardless of existing layout. Moreover, the clean conveyance is possible because pipes will be sealed and the goods in transit will neither tear off nor stink. The durability of the corners often becomes a problem in conveyors and that too is solved by adopting abrasion resistant steel and by allowing one-touch exchange.
1 Flexible space saving layout
2 Clean by the sealed transfer
3 Protector is adopted to ease-out corner parts
·Space-saving adjustable pipes with corner and vertical layout.
·Post installation layout change is alsoeasy.
·Simple maintenance.
·Besides chips, it is adaptable to numerous usages including industrial waste and garbage.

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