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There are various extractions from the process line. Especially, there may be inclusion when permanent chips are put into the conveyor, and it becomes difficult to carry. Arrow Liner Conveyor has been developed to convey large quantities of any kind of chips and has 10 years experience in operation. A unique inclusion prevention mechanism has been developed to enable a steady extraction even though chips of various compositions are inserted in large quantities. Especially, an ideal performance is demonstrated in carrying permanent chips. Moreover, by getting several conveyor lines intersected and controlled, a fully automated extraction is possible even in the process lines being laid off in a large plant area, though a long distance transport is also possible by one line.
1 Mass conveyance of long chips is possible
2 A preventive mechanism against inclusion of chips is adopted.
3 Maintenance work is not required as it is maintenance free
·A safe and complete extraction of chips of various compositions is possible, even when permanent chips are put voluminously.
·It operates back and forth on the single plane, there is no path to return direction, and inclusion of chips is excluded.
·By getting several conveyor lines intersected, a fully automated extraction in machine processing line laid off in a large plant area, is also possible through a control device.
·The long distance transport is possible by one line.
·The valuable efforts for chips reduction processing is saved, and the working environment is improved by preventing cutting scrap scattering in the plant.
·The operations released from the mmaintenance work becomes maintenance free.

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